Where is this app from?

To the end of love is an app for people who like to admire and be admired by others.


Is an art project by Victoria Ascaso. If you have any queries, you can write to


How do I start admiring someone?

Download the app from Play Store. To find someone to admire and be admire by, you must read and accept the Terms and Conditions. Then just click on the Eye icon and the application will start finding you a suitable partner.


Once we have set up your first anonymous connection, you will both receive a notification message. From that moment on, you can start admiring each other by exchanging photos taken with your phones.


Which photos will I be able to see?

You will be able to see all the photos and screenshots from all the apps on your partner’s phone (except those sent or received on WhatsApp and Telegram). These photos are sent automatically and appear for 5 seconds as soon as you open the app.


Who can see my photos?

The only person who can see your photos is your partner.


As per the Terms and Conditions, the photos you send while the relationship is active may be used for academic, research and/or artistic purposes. In this case, any images that contain personal information or could identify you will be modified to preserve your anonymity and protect your privacy.


How is my admirer selected?

Partners are selected randomly.


How is my anonymity protected?

None of the personal data you provide will be shared with third parties.


Please bear in mind that you are the one who decides how much personal information you share with your partner.


How do I change my admirer?

If you feel you have come to the end of a relationship and want to start a new one, click on the Broken Heart icon. The app will automatically find someone to start a new relationship with.


How can I quit the app?

If you want to stop using the app, just delete it from your smartphone.