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to the end of love

to the end of love


To the end of Love is an app for people who like to admire and be admired by others. This is an hyper-surveillance space, shared by strangers and equals. It’s an open window onto how you see the world.


Let others admire you. You don’t have to say anything, just let them admire you by your photos… by all the photos you take.


And why not admire them back? Take your time. Because when the love is over… we’ll find you someone new.







(Stalk me) To the end of Love is an art project by Victoria Ascaso.

Android developers: David Pérez INTARE y Daniel Mateo.

Web developer: Daniel Cecilia.

Video: Carlos Ena.

Actress: Lucía Alonso.

Voice: Sofía Díaz Gotor.
With the support of Fundación Bilbaoarte Fundazioa and Área de Cultura de Gobierno Vasco.